Joinery & Kitchens

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Is your kitchen looking tired and in need or a fresh, modern revamp?

Not utilizing bedroom space which could be ideal for some beatiful, bespoke built in wardrobes?

Would newly fitted doors complete the style of your home?

Whatever your ideas, look no further than Woodlands!

Our mission is to provide the best service possible and that is demonstrated through our meticulous approach. We operate at an exceptional level of quality, balanced with good speed. We pride ourselves on offering easy communication from initial enquiry, through to undertaking the work, as well as any aftercare needs. Care is of utmost importance in terms of our work, surroundings, service and end product.

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Tiling & Flooring

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Flooring is the foundation of every room. From the beautiful aesthetic it creates to the structural importance of sound floors, professional flooring installation is a must for any home. At Woodlands, we’re here to talk through all possile options to help find and fit the perfect floor for you.

When you’re planning out a flooring project one of the first things you’ll need to look to is the type of flooring to use. There are several options from hardwood floors to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and tiling..

Upon enquiry, we can assist in determining the best floor for you. For example for high-traffic areas of your home like the hallways, entryways and the living room, you’ll want something durable enough to withstand lots of foot traffic. Bathooms and kitchens must be able to withstand some moistue and be easy to clean regularly.

All set to get your flooring project started? Simply submit a free request with details on your project on our contact page, or give us a ring! 
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Landscape, Fencing and Decking

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Are you looking for an outdoor expanse to host a party with your family and friends?

Do you desire a smooth area to park your car?

Whatever your ideas, our hardscaping (patios and drives), landscaping, fencing and decking services will help to add value to your home, allow you to utilize the space available to its fullest potential and maximize the all-round aesthetic appearance.

With a wide array of materials and styles to choose from, if you are thinking of adding a decked area to enjoy the evening sun, modernizing the unstable old fence, adding raised beds as part of a garden upgrade or even giving your house a fresh new look with a new drive or patio, then please get in touch today!

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